New Neighbours on the Beach


told by Emma (visiting biologist from Cambridge Universiy)

Today we had the privilege of welcoming squirrel monkeys and parrots as our neighbours-to-be here on Playa San Josecito in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica.

The monkeys and parrots were all rescued from the wildlife trafficking trade by Zoo Ave, a wildlife rescue organisation which has a release centre in Golfo Dulce, right next door to us. As the animals were being delivered to our beach in order to be taken to Zoo Ave, there were plenty of us from the Retreat keen to lend a hand unloading the cages in order to get a glimpse of this very special delivery! The animals were unsurprisingly a little scared after their long journey all the way from San Jose, but a much better life awaits them here in Golfo Dulce.

After they have had a month or so to rehabilitate and get used to their new environment, the animals will be released – it’s very exciting to think that sometime soon we may see the very same individuals living wild in our forests!

Zoo Ave has a history of successful releases – it is thanks to them that we wake up every morning to the sound of scarlet macaws. Having released 300 macaws in our forests, they hope that there are now enough of these beautiful parrots to sustain a constant population here in Golfo Dulce, where the original population had disappeared.

We’re hoping the new parrots and monkeys have a great start in Golfo Dulce – we’ll be keeping an eye out for them!


Simon Mezzanotte