We are passionate about our Rainforest. And we are even more passionate about sharing it with our family, friends and guests. In collaboration with our visiting biologists from Cambridge University, we have put together a series of infographics aimed at telling you more about Golfo Dulce, its wildlife and its different ecosystems.

Golfo Dulce's Mangroves

One of the highlights of your stay at Golfo Dulce Retreat will be a visit to the spectacular mangroves of the Esquinas river. Located at the frontier between fresh and salt water, this is a harsh habitat where only a handful of tree species have adapted to deal with both salt and flooding. However, these mangroves support a wide variety of wildlife, both above and below their intricate root systems (click for more info).

The Tale of the Golfo Dulce Whales

Golfo Dulce is one of the very few places on Earth where you can meet migrating humpback whales from both hemispheres. Both populations use the tranquil waters of the gulf as mating grounds. The following year, the females return to give birth to a single calf - mother and baby will stay for a few weeks until the baby is strong enough for the long journey back to cold-water feeding grounds (click for more info).

Golfo Dulce’s Needlefish

The needlefish encountered in Golfo Dulce remain elusive as they actually spend the majority of their lives offshore. However, a few days after the full moon, large schools of them gather at particular beaches around our gulf to spawn. As this occurs at a specific time during the lunar cycle - and only at a few locations - it is easy to predict when and where to find them. For generations, local families have taken advantage of this opportunity to fish, a tradition that is now limited to preserve local needlefish populations (click for more info).